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that it is widening. he says it is a tough balance, that's for sure. >> osama bin lawn was calling someone in the united states, you would want to know that because i promise you waa not his stockbroker on the other hand people need to know and be comfortable that the government is not going to gather all this information on them in one day in the future use against them. this is a legitimate issue. we should not trivialize that. balancing those two things is not an easy thing to do. i think what we are struggling with is a country is how would protect americans and also protect the individual liberty and privacy expectations. neil: by the way, that is the just of the fight. saying, you know, we want to protect ourselves and make sure that another september 11th does not happen. invading our privacy goes too far. they're having a big food fight about it. where does this go? if your that we have not hear back half of what the government is doing supposedly to protect us. with me now, kiddo privacy expert. how bad is this getting? i am almost afraid to read the latest developments because th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)